Whether you’re planning a family reunion, golf group, Church group or just a bunch of friends. Anyone can be a group leader, we will negotiate the group contract and get you special rates or amenities depending on the size. All you need to do is get people interested and send them our way. There is no charge for our services.  You could even earn a free room for yourself! 

The best things in life are not things.

Family time is precious, unplug and unwind with a family get away. Some of my most precious memories are taking the kids on vacation. To watch them play in the ocean for the first time, teach them to snorkel or learn to scuba dive, watching the wonder in their eyes as they see a new culture are priceless experiences that will make memories that last a lifetime. There are plenty of options for family travel. Let us help you choose the perfect destination and resort to match the ages of your entire family, from the best baby friendly resorts to the ones with activities that will keep pre-teens or older kids occupied all while letting the parents enjoy their vacation as well.